ARES Mirrors

Mirror 1 http://2nc5i6rfv2j4i7agahklgimcumrhzp2wi4mt2qgklwb5dmi7zs6zpyyd.onion
Mirror 2 http://incognizudop093z47tfudcqkuwayp6aeeiap8kccgvvt4jrjc0o6gyd.onion

Frequently Asked Questions


There are two CAPCHAs to solve to access the login/signup page.

As a new user you will need to click the "Sign Up Now" below the sign in box to go to the sign-up page.

There, you need to select your username and password, you'll be required to re-enter your password in case of typos.

After filling out the captcha field, hit "Sign Up".

If everything was done correctly it'll take you a page displaying your unique "Account Secret" word and your mnemonic key/phrase, please save them securely. Your account secret will be displayed to you along with your mnemonic if your signup is successful.

You will need your "Account Secret" to login in the market.

You will also need to say your Mnemonic (6 words) to reset your password in the future.

How to sign in?

Buyer/Vendor: Enter your username, secret word generated on registration, and your password. Do the captcha then hit "Sign In".

Employee: Click the "I'm an employee" below the username, this will take you to the employee login page. There you will enter the Vendor name and your token that you receive from the vendor. Fill in the Captcha and click "Sign In".

Vendors are required to also to have setup a PGP Key. This can be done by going to the settings page.

Note: Buyer should also setup their PGP key, so that you can receive encrypted message from the vendor for such things as tracking.

Access methods to Incognito Market

Check /mirrors.txt to see and verify the signed main mirrors, is a rotational link generator for temporary access when the main links are inaccessible. We recommend using your private links once you get onto the market for the first time.

How do I withdraw funds?

Create a new receive address on your local wallet that you have under your control.

You will find the Withdraw link by mousing over the Incognito icon in the left top corner.

Now click on "New withdraw" and then select either Bitcoin or Monero, enter the receive address you created on your local wallet and the amount of the withdraw.

Finally click the "Withdraw" button and you will receive a message in your message queue letting you know the status of the withdraw.

What are the withdrawal limits?

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.002BTC for Bitcoin and 0.01XMR for Monero to prevent dust withdrawals.

Why can I only withdraw once per hour?

You can withdraw once per hour per coin type. This limit is in place to prevent load or deanonymization attacks on our crypto servers.

What are the withdrawal fees?

We do not charge withdrawal fees, only blockchain transaction fees are deducted. For Bitcoin, the transactions' confirmation targets are set at two blocks. For Monero, we use a flat fee of 0.005XMR.

How long do I have to wait until the withdrawals are processed?

Withdrawals are usually processed within twenty minutes by our systems.

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